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University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Anderson Forecast, delved into the current state of affairs in China-U.S. trad

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ssues."For the American people, I would say you probably need to prepare -- there will be bit higher▓ prices in terms of consumer goods made in ▓China. Eventually, maybe more of them wi▓ll be made in other

countries like Vietnam▓, the Philippines, Indonesia, but in a short run you will see a higher price tag," he warned."For small businesses, if you are doing import-export, you really ▓need to have a backup plan on how to adjust your supply chain,

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" he added.Participants agreed that tariffs are a double-edged sword since, in this age of globalization, many U.S. business supply chains rely heavily on


other countries' raw materials and labor to source and manufactur▓e their own products, particularly China's.I▓n California, the tariffs are reducing

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